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We’re an SME based in Donaueschingen in southern Baden. We’re driven by our enthusiasm for innovative solutions. And by an appreciation of our customers’ needs. All that forms the basis for what we do. Our highly qualified team of 20 staff uses the latest machinery to produce precision turned parts (especially nozzles) with microholes as small as 30my, and to build analytically cleaned components into subassemblies under clean room conditions. The products we manufacture include high quality nozzles and turned parts with microholes for companies active in the bonding and sealing, spraying, dosing and dispensing, analytical and life science industries.

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Sustainability is a major topic for us and it shapes what we do and how we think. That’s why we don’t just comply with legal requirements, we regularly exceed them. We source our consumables, tools, raw materials and purchased parts from dependable local partners. That allows us to keep transport distances short and reduce the burden on our environment. The solar power system on our roof doesn’t just make us carbon-neutral, it feeds electricity into the grid and gives us a positive balance. But even that isn’t enough. We want to do more for the environment and we are working on it.


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