micro - application - nozzles

Micano Düsen, based in Donaueschingen in southern Baden, is a manufacturer (OEM) of high quality micro-drilled nozzles and turned parts. We are the partner for manufacturing companies in the fields of gluing, sealing, spraying, dosing and dispensing, analytics and life sciences.

Small, smaller 50 µ

High-precision micro-holes in size comparison:
Our highly qualified team with state-of-the-art equipment
manufactures parts with holes from Ø 50 μ upwards

We radiate passion for your success

Atomizing and spraying liquids can only succeed with the proper nozzle. We manufacture, among other things, high-pressure flat spray nozzles to suit your individual requirements.

Pressure nozzles

Jet nozzles, single hole nozzles, flat spray nozzles, spray nozzles for dosing, applying or atomizing liquids.

Two-component nozzles

External mixture two-component sprayer. Customized solutions.

Turned parts / micro-drilled holes

Micro-drilled precision turned parts, sizes from 50 µ upwards.